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Client agreement



1. This agreement:

This agreement covers the terms on which we will perform these services for you. It starts when you electronically sign at the bottom of this document and continues until terminated under clause 9.                                                                     


2. What we do:

We act as your agent, using information that you provide to us to assist you in obtaining refunds you may be entitled to from financial institutions. We do this by assessing the information that you provide to determine whether you may be entitled to any refunds, this may include undertaking additional searches and investigations to identify whether you are entitled to any refund(s) and subject to those investigations, contacting the relevant people to ask for your refund. Please be advised we may engage third parties to assist us in obtaining a refund for you as well.

Sometimes, it will be necessary to make an application on your behalf to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) to try to get your refund(s). We will also consider whether you may be entitled to join any legal proceedings against any institutions, then take any steps necessary to pursue your refund in that way, including joining you in or opting you out of class actions.

We look for refunds for you on an ongoing basis, for as long as this agreement continues. In return, you are appointing us as your exclusive agent for the duration of the agreement, meaning that you cannot authorise anyone else to seek to obtain refunds on your behalf.

3. No guarantee:

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we will obtain any refunds for you, but we will do everything in our power and control to do so.

4. What we do not do:

We are a remediation service, acting as your agent in submitting a claim for a refund, where it may be due. We do not provide legal or financial advice outside the authorisation conditions of our AFSL (AFSL no 530886), nor does our website.

5. What you need to do:

In order for us to assist you, all information we request must be provided to us. You must ensure that the information you provide is true and accurate. If your situation changes you must inform us as soon as possible.

6. Our fees:

If we are not able to get a refund for you, you will not pay us anything as we operate on a ‘no win no fee’ model. If we do get a refund for you, we will be entitled to 30% of the refund amount plus GST as payment of our fees (Fees). You authorise and direct any refund to be paid directly to us. We will transfer the refund to you after deduction of our Fees. Should you directly or indirectly receive a refund from a financial institution we have contacted on your behalf during the term of our agreement you must notify us as soon as practical but no later than 5 days of receipt of the refund so that we may invoice you for our Fees, which will be due and payable within 7 days of our invoice being sent. Failure to pay our invoice(s) when due may result in us withholding amounts from future refunds or taking other recovery action.

7. How we handle your information:

We take all appropriate action to ensure the protection, confidentiality and security of any confidential information in our possession. We are committed to complying with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) including the Australian Privacy Principles.

8. If you are not happy with our service:

If you have any concerns regarding our service and wish to make a complaint, you can submit your complaint to contact

9. Cancel our agreement:

Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by providing 14 days’ written notice. For a period of 18 months from the termination of this agreement:


a)    So that we can determine whether any refunds have been paid to you directly or indirectly, you authorise us, and will do all things necessary to authorise us, to continue to speak to a financial institution we have contacted on your behalf during the term of our agreement; and
b)    should we receive, or should you directly or indirectly receive a refund from a financial institution we have contacted on your behalf during the term of our agreement, you will remain liable to notify us (if applicable) and pay our Fees in accordance with clause 6.  


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