How it works:

Updated: Sep 12

Remediator assists consumers to claim back money for mis-sold insurance policies, along with fees charged for finance advice that has not been provided.

Commonly mis-sold insurance policies include:

· Consumer Credit Insurance (CCI) or Loan Protection;

· Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Motor Equity Insurance or Shortfall;

· Extended Warranty or Mechanical Breakdown;

· Tyre & Rim; and

· Scratch & Dent.

How it works:

- 1. You can either phone us on 1800-984-707 or leave your details on our website and one of our team will phone you to discuss.

- 2. You provide us with information about the products and services your bank, insurer or financial advisor provided to you.

- 3. We will then assess whether you may be eligible for a refund.

- 4. If you are eligible, we will lodge a claim on your behalf.

- 5. If we are able to obtain a refund for you, our fee is 30% plus GST of the refund amount. We only collect this fee if you are paid a refund.

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