Queensland residents receiving refunds for junk insurance

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Today the Courier Mail covered Remediator, a service setup in the wake of the Banking Royal Commission to assist consumers claim refunds for mis-sold products (so called “junk insurance”) and financial advice fees for no service.

“The Banking Royal Commission exposed dirty tricks used to dupe consumers over many years. Now thanks to its findings, they can take some power and money back,” Remediator spokesman David Liston said. “Unfortunately, consumers don’t even know if they are eligible or where to start the process of investigating if they are. Remediator helps to solve that problem so it’s an exciting development”.

The Courier Mail interviewed Queensland resident Annette Fargher, one of Remediators successful claimants. Annette engaged Remediator in April this year and has already received her refund of $1216 for consumer credit insurance (CCI) that she was unaware she was being charged for on a personal loan.

“I sent an email and had a phone call and that was it”, Annette said. “I just told them the name of the company and they did everything”.

Read more about Remediator’s services and Annette’s success here: https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/queenslanders-using-new-consumer-remediation-service-to-win-refunds-for-dodgy-fees/news-story/b5cdcbe0dc85012d66a22245ae51ba41

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