A Current Affair: How the Banking Royal Commission got these Aussies their money back

Updated: Sep 12

With Remediator's help, three Aussies have received thousands of dollars in refunds for financial products which were exposed by the Banking Royal Commission, A Current Affair reports.

Melissa got $5601 back, Simon got a $6620 refund, and Vena got $6912 back.

"To actually get that money back was an absolute blessing. I left it up to them, wasn't expecting anything back so I was very, very pleasantly surprised when I got an email back saying they'd found it my favour and I was getting this cash lump sum returned to me," Melissa told ACA.
"They said yes, you're one of many hundreds of thousands of Australians that were overcharged. And they took on the case. To be honest, someone like myself would stand no chance against the banks," Simon said.
Vena said: "It was for consumer credit insurance on my credit card, and loan protection insurance on some personal loans ... I spent it on Christmas presents and a bit of time away with the family."

Remediator works on a no-win-no-fee basis: if Remediator can’t secure a refund, there’s no fee. If successful, Remediator’s fee is 30% plus GST of the refund amount.

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