South Australians using Remediator to get refunds on mis-sold insurance and fees for no financial se

Remediator’s successful claimant, Brian Gillan, featured in the Adelaide Advertiser today. Remediator has successfully claimed junk insurance refunds and refunds for financial advice fees for no service for hundreds of consumers across the country. Brian is one of our claimants who had been charged financial advice fees for service he did not receive. “I had no idea that I was being charged this much for these services”, Brian said to the Adelaide Advertiser. “Firstly, I wasn’t aware of them and secondly, I didn’t receive most of what they were saying they had provided.”

Brain engaged Remediator in December 2020 and received his refund earlier this year. “They never promised me anything,” he said about Remediator, “they just said we’ll investigate the case and see what we can do. So I was happily surprised at the end when I got some money back”.

Remediator has successfully claimed refunds for a number of South Australians. Read more about Brian’s experience in the Adelaide Advertiser here:

If you think you may have been charged fees for financial advice you never received or mis-sold junk insurance then contact Remediator for an obligation free call on 1800 984 707.

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