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1. What is a consumer remediation service?


Remediator is a consumer remediation service. We find your refunds. That means we help you find out whether you’re one of millions of Aussies entitled to refunds from banks, insurers and financial advisers - and then we help you to claim them back. Remediator was created after the 2018 Banking Royal Commission.

2. How do I know you’re legitimate?

We’re an Australian company based in the Sydney CBD with more than 12 employees, we’ve been around since the end of 2020, we’ve done thousands of insurance checks in the past year and achieved an average refund of around $2000, and we’re very proud of the work we are doing for Australian consumers.


Want to know more? Give us a call or get a free eligibility check at the link below.

Request your FREE eligibility check here.

3. What sort of products and services do you help consumers get refunds for?

There are two main sources of refunds:


1. ‘Add-on insurance’ (otherwise known as “Junk insurance”) policies with names such as

  • Consumer Credit Insurance (CCI),

  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance,

  • Extended Warranty Insurance,

  • Tyre & Rim Insurance,

  • Scratch & Dent Insurance, and

  • Purchase Protection Insurance, and

2. Financial Adviser fees.

4. What is 'junk insurance'?

“Junk Insurance” is the term now used to describe the range of ‘add-on insurance’ policies above, which banks and insurance companies sometimes add to credit cards and loans. They’ve become known as junk because many people get little to no benefit from them, they don’t pay back much in claims, many customers don’t understand them, and they’ve been sold using dodgy tactics. Read our Complete Junk Insurance Guide here.

5. What are 'fees for no services?


This is the name that’s been given to billions of dollars in fees that some banks, super funds and wealth managers have likely skimmed from their customers’ accounts for ‘financial advice’ without providing anything in return. If you paid fees but did not receive Annual Reviews and were not provided with Statements of Advice or Records of Advice, you might be a victim. These fees were often automatically deducted from our bank accounts or super funds, sometimes without our knowledge. Read our ‘Fees for no Service’ Guide here.

6. What if I don’t know if I’ve paid for any of these products?

No problem. Remediator offers a free eligibility check. We can look at your documents for you or request them from your bank or insurer if you don’t have them.

Request your FREE eligibility check here.


7. How much does it cost to use Remediator’s service?

If there’s no refund, there’s no fee. If successful, our fee is 30% plus GST of the refund amount. This compares favourably to some other consumer remediation services which charge in excess of 30%, and to some class actions. An academic submission to a recent Parliamentary enquiry found that  over the past 20 years, legal fees plus litigation funding fees on class actions added up to on average approximately 40%.

8. Can I make more than one refund claim?

Yes, absolutely.

9. What are my chances of securing a refund?

It depends on each individual matter. We have been successful in obtaining insurance and financial adviser fee refunds for consumers. If we are not successful then you do not pay us anything as we operate a ‘no win no fee’ model.

10. How long does the process of claiming refunds from banks, insurers, and financial advisers usually take?

It depends on each institution, however they are required to respond to our claims within 30 days. The quickest refunds we have secured were within 14 days.


11. Do I have to go to court to secure a refund?

No. You do not have to go to Court. We are a consumer remediation service, not a legal service.

12. What sort of documents do I need in order to claim a refund from my bank, insurer or financial adviser?

Credit card statements, car loan or purchase documents, insurance policy documents, bank statements or superannuation account statements. If you don’t have them, we can request them on your behalf.

13. If I agreed to purchase a specific product or service does that mean I am not eligible for a refund?

It depends. If you were eligible for the product, it was fairly and clearly explained to you, and you received the services you paid for, you are unlikely to be eligible to claim a refund. But speak to one of our claims experts to find our what your chances are.​

14. Can I claim a refund for the fees I paid to a Financial Adviser?

Yes, absolutely if you did not receive Annual Reviews and were not provided with Statements of Advice or Records of Advice and were charged fees.


15. Do you only assess current insurances or financial advice for refunds?


No way! We look at financial advice and insurance sold in Australia in the last 15 years, because it might be your previous bank or insurer that owes you thousands of dollars in refunds.



16. Do I have to pay even if you don’t get me a refund?


If we are not able to get a refund for you, you will not pay us anything as we operate a ‘no win no fee’ model.


17. If I get a refund how do I receive my money?


If the refund is paid to Remediator directly, we will electronically transfer the funds to you, minus our fee, as soon as possible.


18. Are you a government company?


No, we are not affiliated with the Australian government.


19. Are you an Australian company?


Yes, we are an Australian company based in Sydney.


20. Do you provide legal or financial advice?


No, we do not - we are a consumer remediation service. We find your refunds.

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