1. What is a consumer remediation service?


Remediator is a consumer remediation service that helps Australians claim refunds from banks, insurers and financial advisers, if they have been mis-sold products or services, or paid for services they did not need or never received.

2. What is junk insurance?

Junk insurance refers to add-on insurance policies that are often sold at the time a loan or credit card is purchased. These insurances are so called "junk" because they are often sold without the customer's genuine and informed consent and can be of low or little value to the customer.

3. What sort of products and services do you help consumers get refunds for?

Consumer Credit Insurance (CCI), Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), Extended Warranty, Tyre & Rim, Scratch & Dent, Purchase Protection and Financial Adviser fees.

4. What if I don’t know if I have been sold any of these products, can Remediator still help me?

Yes we can still help you- we will need to have a look at your documents or request them from your bank or insurer if you don’t have them.

5. How much does it cost to use Remediator’s service?

If successful, our fee is 20% plus GST of the refund amount. We only collect this fee if you are paid a refund.

6. Can I make more than one refund claim?

Yes, absolutely.

7. What are my chances of securing a refund?

It depends on each individual matter. We have been successful in obtaining insurance and financial adviser fee refunds for consumers. If we are not successful then you do not pay us anything as we operate a ‘no win no fee’ model.

8. How long does the process of claiming refunds from banks, insurers, and financial advisers usually take?

It depends on each institution, however, responses are required within 45 days. The quickest refund payments we have secured have been made within 14 days.

9. Do I have to go to court to secure a refund?

No you do not have to go to Court. We offer a consumer remediation service not a legal service.

10. What sort of documents do I need in order to claim a refund from my bank, insurer or financial adviser?

Credit card statements, car loan or purchase documents, insurance policy documents, bank statements or superannuation account statements.

11. If I agreed to purchase a specific product or service does that mean I am not eligible for a refund?

If there are no eligibility, sales process or fees for no services issues then you are unlikely to be eligible to claim a refund.

12. Can I claim a refund for the fees I paid to a Financial Adviser?

Yes, absolutely if you did not receive Annual Reviews and were not provided with Statements of Advice or Records of Advice and were charged fees.

13. What are Fees for no Services?


Many Australians with Financial Advisers paid fees to receive ongoing financial advice that they never received. These fees were either deducted from customer’s bank accounts or superannuation funds.

14. What is CCI?


CCI is consumer credit insurance.


It provides cover for consumers if they are unable to meet their minimum monthly loan repayments due to unemployment, sickness or injury (subject to policy terms) or to pay an outstanding loan balance upon death.


Many of these policies were sold to consumers who were ineligible to claim or unlikely to benefit or need cover.


15. What is GAP?


GAP insurance is Guaranteed Asset Protection.


It is designed to cover the gap of what you owe under your car loan and what your comprehensive car insurer will pay you if your car is written off.


If you do not have comprehensive insurance, then you should not have been sold GAP insurance.


Unfair sales practices were often used in the sale of this product.


16. What is Extended Warranty?


Extended Warranty insurance is where the consumer pays a fee in return for the warranty provider agreeing to repair or replace parts or components of goods in the event of defects or failures.


Consumers rights over quality are protected by Australia’s Consumer Law and therefore buying extended warranties is not necessary.



17. Do you only assess current insurances or financial advice for refunds?


No, we look at financial advice and insurance sold in Australia in the last 15 years.



18. Do I have to pay even if you don’t get me a refund?


If we are not able to get a refund for you, you will not pay us anything as we operate a ‘no win no fee’ model.


19. How long does the process take?


This depends on the relevant bank or insurer, they have up to 45 days to attempt to resolve the matter with us. In many instances, refunds are received well before 45 days.


20. If I get a refund how do I receive my money?


If the refund is paid to Remediator directly, we will electronically transfer the funds to you less our fee as soon as possible.


21. Are you a government company?


No, we are not affiliated with the Australian government.


22. Are you an Australian company?


Yes, we are an Australian company based in Sydney.


23. Do you provide legal or financial advice?


No, we do not- we are a consumer remediation service.